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IPPC stamps - IPPC marking

Rubber stamp for IPPC – ISPM Nr. 15 marking

Packaging wood is widespread in the international freight traffic to the transport and protection of goods. Wooden packaging is often produced of inferior wood, because of low-quality requirements. That’s why such wood is often afflicted with rodents (insects, mushrooms) which are spreaded with the packaging in other areas all over the world.
To prevent this carry-over, many countries have decided to impose import regulations which were harmonised within the scope of the international protection of plants agreement (IPPC) in 2003. The "international standard of phyto-sanitary measures No. 15" (briefly No. ISPM 15) with the guidelines to the regulation of wooden packaging in international trade was implemented by 166 states so far.
Concerned by this measure are packaging material of massive wood for the transport, protection and storing of goods and also palettes, boxes, sheds, drums, barrels, but also dunnage and wedges for fastening of goods. However, wood with a thickness of less than 6 mm are not subject to the regulations of the No. ISPM 15.
For these marking regulations we offer the suitable customized logotype stamp. The marking encloses on the one hand the standardized IPPC logo and, on the other hand, the country identification number, a company identification number and the kind of the treatment.
IPPC logotype stamp – How to order?
For the production of an IPPC logotype stamp, the following information is required:
         Size of the impression
         Registration number of the company which has treated or produced the wood.
         Kind of the treatment
Should you have any questions about our IPPC logotype stamps, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will gladly advise you!
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Ippc-handstempel Hand stamp with IPPC rubber stamp

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