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Marking stamp, branding iron, hole punch plier, price gun, labelling machine

Branding-iron-wood-Baum Branding iron: Branding irons for permanent marking of wood, leather, rubber, cork, cardboard and - with restrictions - plastics. Individual engraved branding heads from our engravings department available.
Very popular: ISPM Nr. 15 - IPPC branding iron for packaging wood

Sealing-plier Sealing plier, sealing wire, meter seals
Very popular: Security seals for transport and customs - bolt lock container seal ISO 17712:2013 - cable seal

Ticket-punch-plier-Pickerl Ticket punch plier - Hole punch plier
Ticket punch pliers for cancelling and validating tickets, documents, identity cards, bonus cards and many more.
Also in this range: Pattern notch pliers.

price-gun-Meto-622Price gun - labelling machines - price labels - barcode printer - label printer
Favourable price guns for retail shops and the industry, price labels for various labellers (Meto, Checkpoint, Blitz, Open, Sato, Prevail to wholesale prices)
Also in this range: Label printers Argox, Zebra, TSC + ribbons + accessories

EAS - Electronic article surveillanceEAS - Electronic article surveillance
Modern article surveillance system for retail shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets on RF and AM base.
Also in this range: Favourable hard tags, security labels, detachers and EAS security products at wholesale prices.

Pneumatisch-Stapling-plier-53 Stapling pliers - stapling guns - staples
Our range comprises various stapling plierstop stapler and electric stapler for the industry and for packaging applications. Stapling gun for hobby and professional work.
Also in this range: Staples from numerous manufacturers to wholesale prices.

TELOS-rubber-stamp Marking stamps - Stamping systems - Stamping ink
This range comprises various products for marking purposes - Rubber stamp system "TELOS"Hand roller stampsMARSH marking productsstencils and interlocking stencils. Also in this range: COLORIS stamping ink for various materials.

Validation-press-Perfoset-II-LCancelling machine, Validation machine, Perforation machine
This range comprises cancelling machines, text perforators and date perforators products for secure cancelling and validating of documents, identity cards, passports, tenders and similar products. Also in this range: Paper embossing machines.

Heavy duty punchHeavy duty punch - paper drilling machine
Heavy duty punch and paper drilling machine for punching paper stacks up to 1000 sheets of paper in one operation. Paper drills of different manufacturers.
Also in this range: twin-ring wire binder

Sealing waxSealing wax - sealing devices
Sealing wax for sealing and decoration applications.
Also in this range: Electric quick sealer

Electric stamp "Rapidprint"Electric stamp "Rapidprint"
Electric stamps "Rapidprint" are robust stamping machines for multiple purposes. For automatic text/date/time/number stamping of documents are various models available for your choice.

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