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Numbering head - Marking head

Marking head – Numbering head – Manual numberer – Automatic numberer


Numbering heads are marking tools for many applications in the metal and plastic-processing industry. With a numberer, you can mark high quantities in excellent quality. Due to the construction, our marking heads are extremely durable, even for heavy duty applications.

Our assortment comprises various marking heads. With a standard manual numbering head, various combinations of figures or letters can be indented with one single stroke into the component. These standard manual numberers are also available with a shank for the use in a percussion press. Also for machine processing, automatic numbering heads indent a consecutive number into the working piece. The numbering sequence on standard automatic heads is consecutive when the handle is depressed. Otherwise a constant inscription is marked. Another kind of numbering head has manually adjustable wheels, where every single wheel can be changed by a special handle. This is the most comfortable numbering head, especially, when you have to change the numbering code frequently.
Marking heads can be used either by hand/hammer or in most types of marking machines. These numberers fit in almost any manual percussion press, air-operated press or hydraulic press.
Numbering heads – availability
Numbering heads are available in numerous different varieties.
Basically one can divide numbering heads into the following categories:
Security-pin locked numbering heads
Security-pin locked numbering heads are very common as the inscription change is very quick and simple, no tools are required. Another advantage is, that the security pin not only fastens the wheels in position, but also transmits the compressive load in the body of the tool directly to the point of impact.

Feather-locked numbering head
Feather-locked numbering heads do not have this security pin. This marking head locks the wheel with a special feather in position. The change of the inscription is done by hand or with an extra pin.


Automatic numbering head
With automatic numbering heads you are able to mark a consecutive number. The numbering sequence on standard automatic heads is consecutive when the handle is depressed. Otherwise a constant inscription is marked.


Manual numbering head
Manual numbering heads provide the opportunity to change every single wheel with a handle.

Furthermore there are the additional options which can be made for some numbering heads:
  • Special engravings on the wheel (letters, logos)
  • Reverse characters
  • Flat faced characters
  • Ministress or dot stress
  • Extra holder for secure processing
  • Custom made shanks to fit most types of marking machines
Numbering heads can be used for numerous applications. Beside the standard numbering heads, which are available with different character sizes and number of wheels, we can supply numbering heads custom made to your requirements. The standard character sizes reach from 0.5 mm to 15.0 mm, in very special constructions even up to 20.0 mm. Each wheel has up to 12 divisions, in some cases even 14. Standard wheels comprise all figures (0-9) and a spacer, every wheel can be adapted to your needs (letters, figures, …) without any surcharge. The style of the character can be standard, semi-narrow or narrow. The characters can be sharp faced, flat faced, ministress or dot stress. All wheels have tell-tale characters in the wheel grooves to show the actual characters in the marking position. This is particularly helpful when being used in a machine or marking press.
With a marking head, you will be able to mark numerous material and metals up to a firmness of approx. 900 N/mm². In addition, numbering heads can also be produced for hot marking machines.
Numbering heads – advantages
         Flexible marking of components, type signs, work pieces, and many more
         High quality impressions
         High operating speed for time-saving work
         More than 200 different varieties of numbering heads available
         Modular construction for maximum flexibility
         Wheels can be replaced fast and easily
         Variable shanks to fit most types of marking machines and fly presses
         Spare wheels can be reordered easily
Numbering heads – applications
Our numbering heads are suited for various applications in many industrial processes. A numbering head is most adaptable to customer requirements and very easy and comfortable to use. Usually, numbering heads are the next generation of marking tools after steel types and holders. The impression can be changed more rapidly which makes the marking process more economically.
Some examples are:
         Automatic numbering of components
         Marking of type plates
         Marking of machine parts
         Marking with high loads
         Marking of components in assembly lines
         Manual marking of big, heavy or bulky components
         Marking of consecutive numbers
         Marking of round components like pipes (roller marking)
We also supply our marking stamps to the following countries! Please contact us in English or German.
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Numéroteurs manuels – Indexeurs automatiques 
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