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Automatic numbering head 600

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Automatic numbering head 600


Our automatic number heads 600 are designed for serial numbering of metals, plastics and other materials. This marking head is designed to strict tolerances and high durability.

The numbering sequence on standard automatic heads is consecutive when handle is depressed, otherwise a constant inscription is marked. For random change information, the wheels can be quickly changed by hand to the required station. 

Our automatic numbering heads can be supplied with character sizes from 1.5 to 10 mm. Each standard wheel has sharp faced characters 0-9. An additional typeholder can be integrated within this marking head for additional information. The wheels can be supplied sharp faced, flat faced, ministress or dot stress. The styles can be condensed or broad standard style or to any special character style.
The standard shank has a diameter of 20 mm with a length of 40 mm.
This numbering head is also available for hot foil marking
Brief summary – Automatic numbering head Mod. 600
  • Standard character size 1.5 – 10.0 mm
  • Tell-tale characters in the wheel grooves
  • Feather locking for optimum positioning
  • Wheels 10-part (0-9),
  • Shank: 20 mm diameter, 40mm length
  • Nickle-plated wheels for rust protection 
Additional options:
         Custom made engravings (letters, logos)
         Revers impressions
         Flat-faced characters
         Ministress or dot stress characters

         serial numbering of components
         Marking of name plates or inventory plates
         Stamping of machine parts
         Marking with high loads
         Marking of components in assembly lines
We also supply our marking stamps to the following countries! Please contact us in English or German.
France – France

Numéroteurs manuels – Indexeurs automatiques 
Italy – Italia
Numeratori manuali – Numeratori automatici progressivi
Czech republic

Cislovac hlavy – Cislovac – Cislovac sirius
Hungary – Magyarország
Poland – Polska
Numeratory – Glowice numeracyine
Slovakia – Slovensko
Cislovacky – Cislovacie Hlavy
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Automatic numbering head 600 Automatic numbering head 600 Automatic numbering head 600 Automatic numbering head 600 Automatic numbering head 600 Marking result Marking head - Detail view Marking head - Tell-tale characters

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