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Numbering head 400

Numbering Head 400

Numbering head 400

Pin-locked numberer for marking press or manual marking 2 – 15 mm character size


The numbering head 400 is a security-pin locked numbering head designed for the use in marking presses or with a hand holder with a hammer. It is very suitable for marking all metals, many plastics, etc. In a special edition, this marking head is also available with a hand shank for hand/hammer use.


This marking head is very suitable for fast changing markings. You can easily rotate the wheels in any given position allowing you to change the marking within seconds. Tell-tale characters in the wheel grooves show the actual characters in the marking position, which is particularly helpful for press marking. The security pin does not only fasten the wheels in position, but also transmits the compressive load in the body of the tool directly to the point of impact, which is an additional advantage of this marking tool.


The standard wheels have sharp faced characters (0-9) with one blank station. Beside the standard engraving we can supply customized wheels to mark logos, symbols and letters. Character forms can be sharp faced, flat faced, ministress or dot stress. The marking head is available in various character sizes from 2.0 to 15.0 mm. This marking head can be equipped with any shank size or with a hand grip for manual marking.


This numbering head is also available for hot foil marking


Numberhing head 400 – Product details

Numbering Head 400
  • Standard character size 2.0 – 15.0 mm
  • Tell-tale characters in the wheel grooves
  • Security pin locked
  • Wheels 11 divisions (0-9, blank station)
  • Shank: 20 mm diameter, 40-mm length or manual grip


Order Numbering Head 400 online

Order Numbering Head 400 online


Additional options:

  • Custom made engravings (letters, logos)
  • Revers impressions
  • Flat-faced characters
  • Ministress or dot stress characters



  • Marking of identification plates or inventory plates
  • Stamping of machine parts
  • Marking with high loads
  • Marking of components in assembly lines
  • Manual stamping of large, heavy or bulky components


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Marking head 400 Marking head 400
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