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Numbering head 900

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Numbering head 900


Numbering heads 900 are manually adjustable numbering heads with handles for every wheel. This marking head is used when the inscription changes very often. The wheels can be switched by depressing the handle. Tell-tale characters in the wheel grooves show the actual characters in the marking position, which is particularly helpful when being used in a machine.


This marking head is available in various character sizes from 2.0 to 15.0 mm. Up to 20 wheels can be fitted in this head. Wheels with character sizes up to 5.0 mm height have 14 divisions, so you can place all figures, one spacer and 3 additional signs on one wheel. Especially for letter inscriptions, this marking head is very suitable as the whole alphabet can be engraved on two wheels (A-M, N-Z). For character sizes of 6.0 mm and above, each wheel has only 11 stations.
The standard wheels have sharp faced characters (0-9) with one blank station. Special wheels can be supplied to mark logos, symbols and letters. Character forms can be sharp faced, flat faced, ministress or dot stress.
The standard shank has a diameter of 20 mm with a length of 40 mm.
This numbering head is also available for hot foil marking
Brief summary – Numbering head Mod. 900
– Standard size 2.0 – 15.0 mm
– Tell-tale characters in the wheel grooves
– Single wheel adjustment
– Wheels 14 stations (2 – 5 mms) or 11 stations (6 – 15 mms)
– Shank: 20 mm of DM, 40-mm length
– Nickle-plated wheels for rust protection
Additional options:
         Special engraving on the mint wheel
         Reflecting writing – legal engraving
         Dull engraving (flat engraving)
         Radius engraving with broken edges
         Dotted engraving – point resolution
         Security handle – security holder

         Marking of type plates or inventory plates when inscription changes very often
         Stamping of machine parts
         Marking with high loads
         Marking of components in assembly lines
         Manual stamping of large, heavy or bulky components
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Numéroteurs manuels – Indexeurs automatiques 
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Numeratori manuali – Numeratori automatici progressivi
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