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Electric branding iron


Electric Branding iron 

Manufacturer of electric branding iron and branding iron tools for wood, leather, wooden boxes, pallets and cork


As branding iron manufacturer we offer customized electric branding irons. Branding irons are a traditional and most preferred form for the lasting marking of wood, wooden boxes, palettes, cork, leather and many other materials.


In the past, branding irons were laid in the glow and were heated slowly. Today, electrically operated branding irons are connected to a plug socket with standard tension of 220-230 V. After approx. 15 minutes of warm-up time the stamp reaches operating temperature and is ready for use.

With a branding iron you can mark your logos, letterings or any text permanently on your products. This marking is extremely lasting and cannot be bleached by sunlight or water. In addition, a fire mark cannot be removed without destruction or physical damage of the product.


Order electric branding irons online

Order branding irons online


Electric branding iron – Applications

Electric branding rions or hand burner stamps are used in all areas and branches of the industry in which wood, cork, leather and similar materials are used in any way. Various information, as for example owner’s proof, product name, manufacturer’s name, company logo or brand names can be burnt in the work piece. Another important application is the marking of wood within the scope of the guideline IPPC or any other legal requirements.
With branding irons you can sign and mark different materials, the most frequent ones are:
  • Wood, wooden boxes, wooden palettes, wooden boards, wine boxes, pieces of furniture of wood
  • Leather, belt, leather goods
  • Cork, cork mats
  • With restrictions: Plastic, hard plastic, tyres
Branding irons are used for the following applications frequently:
  • IPPC Marking of wood
  • Manufacturer’s marking on products of wood (furniture, wooden boxes, …)
  • Jewellery marking on wine boxes with the logo of the vineyard
  • Marking of advertising prints on wooden products (plate, boards)
  • Marking of certain products (EUR palette, crates, EPAL, German Railways, ÖBB)
  • Official marking requirements (IPPC, …)
  • Marking for advertising purposes
  • Marking for property reason (wooden benches Belonging to municipality, …)
  • Production of wooden toys
  • Also plastics and tyres can be marked in this manner, however the quality of the brands cannot be compared with wood as the plastic will only melt and be pushed aside from the branding head.
  • and more
The following industries are using branding irons
  • Wooden industry, saw mills
  • Palette manufacturer
  • Furniture manufacturer
  • Carpenters and wood turner
  • Wine maker, distillery & winery

Electric branding iron – Advantages

  • Reasonable and inexpensive marking of wood and products of wood
  • Unblurrable mark, can be removed only by physical destruction
  • Water resistant mark, lightproof
  • Standardized marks possibly (IPPC, EPAL, EUR)
  • (Almost) any layout is possible
  • Own repro’s department conducts all your repro work
  • All letterings, logos or symbols can be shown in 2 colours (black and wooden colour)
  • Large range of different models and dimensions
  • Short delivery times
  • Several burning heads can be used in one single branding iron
  • Most suitable for wood, cardboard, leather or cork


Electric branding iron – Available sizes

Our electric branding irons are available in a total of 36 different sizes. The size of the hand burner stamp depends on the size of the logo on the one hand and of the quality of the wood (kind of the wood, humidity, frequency of the marking process), on the other hand. Our range comprises burning heads with a size from 30×16 to 300×100 mm.


Each branding iron has a replaceable branding head, therefore several layouts can be marked with one single iron only. However, we do not recommend to change the branding heads as the heating elements can be damaged when changing the branding head.


Our branding irons can be also delivered with interchangeable characters or block types. Here single letters or figures are inserted in a T-slot, any combination is possible to provide a maximum of flexibility.


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