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Branding iron - engraved dies - samples

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Engraved branding heads – samples

With an electrically operated branding iron, many different logos and layouts can be burnt into wood. To be able to highlight the many possiblities you can mark with this tool, please find some layouts which were already produced for various customers before.
Should you have any questions to our branding irons, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will gladly advise you!
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Brennstempel-abdruck-staatswappen-4 Abdruck-Brennstempel-Lindt3 Brennstempel-abdruck-wald5 Brennstempel-abdruck-swarovski Gravurplatte48 Gravurplatte41 Engraved branding head 45x40 mm Engraved branding head 70x70 mm Gravurplatte25 Gravurplatte26 Engraved branding head 110x30 mm Engraved branding head 75x50 mm Engraved branding head 70x35 mm Engraved branding head 70x70 mm - IPPC Engraved branding head, 50 mm diameter Gravurplatte18 Gravurplatte19 Gravurplatte20 Gravurplatte21 Engraved branding head 70x35 mm Gravurplatte24 Gravurplatte27

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