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Branding iron - Engravings

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Branding iron – Engravings

Engraved branding heads for branding iron


With our branding irons you can easily brand various logos and layouts. The brands may include letters, numbers, various fonts and font sizes as well as company logos or almost any other symbol. However, a few aspects should be taken into consideration when preparing your logo:

  • The character size should not be smaller than 2.0 mm
  • The line thickness should be 0.5 mm or more
  • The distance between two lines should be 0.5 mm or more
  • large, black surfaces are heated up stronger and will therefore be marked deeper
  • If the letters should be shown inversely (letter remains in nature colour), the letters must have a certain line strength or surface. Otherwise, the brand will not be readable
  • Colour shadings or grey steps cannot be branded
Branding-iron-Tischler-2 Branding-iron-Logo-6 Branding-iron-wood
impression-Branding-iron-Lindt impression-Spar-Bioroggen impression-Maßschuh-Stempel


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Standard logos and layouts

Beside individual logos we produce also standard logos as for example the logo for the euro-pallet (EUR, EPAL), the logo of national railway companies, the IPPC-logo and many more. You find an overview about some produced layouts on the following pages.


For these marking regulations we offer the suitable electrically operated branding irons. The marking encloses on the one hand the standardized IPPC logo and, on the other hand, a country identification number, a company identification number and the kind of the treatment. You will find more information about our IPPC – ISPM Nr. 15 branding irons here.


Submitting your image / art file

When saving your logo, please ensure that all fonts are converted to outlines or are embedded before saving and sending the logo. For production we prefer vector formats like .eps, .pdf. ai or .svg files. If you do not have these files available, our graphics department can also handle your .jpg, .png, .tif, .gif, .bmp or other raster formats. In most cases, we can prepare the final logo without any surcharge


What to expect after you submit your artwork

Our graphics department always evaluates the files sent by our customers. If we find it requires considerable preparation, we will contact you to discuss how to proceed. In most cases, our graphic departments can do the adaptions without any surcharge. However, in some cases when the preparations are too time-consuming, we will contact you will a full quotation. In any case, our production will send you a final draft for confirmation before we produce your logo.


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Branding-iron-Tischler-Lena Branding-iron-wood-Baum Branding-iron-wood-Bavarian
Branding-iron-wood-Logo-1 Branding-iron-Pfeife Branding-iron-wood-Hofladen
Branding-iron-Logo-8 impression-Branding-iron-Mammut Branding-iron-impression-BigBone


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