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Hand steel stamp - Punch

Punch – Marking stamp

Steel stamp – Marking stamp for indenting steel, plastic, metal, aluminium

Standard hand stamps or punches are the cheapest way to mark and ident letters, figures, signs and symbols manually on plastic, metal, leather and other materials. At its simplest, the mark can be applied to the component by striking the punch by hammer.


Our steel stamps are made of high quality chrome steel and are hardened under exact conditions. In contrast to other punches no poor quality steel is used for these products. This leads to a long durability, a maximum in working security and an unbeatable cost/performance ratio. Hand stamps are available either in sets of A-Z or 0-9. Single stamps are also available in various sizes.


Our punches are available in different qualities. Beside the standard series “premium“ we offer steel stamps also in revers, heavy duty “Goliath”, with radius engraving “Low  stress” and in dot/radius engraving “Dot stress”. Our punches are available in many standard sizes from 1.0 to 12.5 mm. Additional we manufacture hand stamps in various sizes up to 50 mm size on demand.


Beside the standard sets A-Z and 0-9 we offer a wide range of custom made engraved dies and stamps including an artwork and design service for die inscriptions.  The assortment includes also symbol stamps (CE-sign, ….), welder’s inspection stamps, flymarks, logotype dies, graduation dies, cigarette printing die, round die, embossing die, coining die, roller die and coding dies.


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Punch – Marking stamp – Our range

PRYOR Punch set – Figure punch set

PRYOR Premium Punch

PRYOR Punch in reverse

PRYOR Punch Goliath – Heavy duty

 Pun set "Low stress - Ministress" PRYOR Punch Lowstress – Ministress

  PRYOR Punch Dotstress

  Custom made punches

Punch – Marking stamp – Application

Marking with a steel stamp or punch is the most simple method of marking components. With a hand stamp, you can mark one single number or letter, with a custom made precision steel die, the marking possibilities are manifold.

There are five different reasons for marking your products:

  • Functional marking:
    Marking, which is essential for the product to perform its intended function (graduations on instruments, …)
  • Identification marking:
    Marking of part numbers for re-ordering spare parts or replacements, marking of selection data such as sizes on drills are assay marks on jewellery
  • Traceability marking:
    The ability to trace a product is an important function in many sectors of the industry, from progressing components through the various stages of manufacture and bringing together items for assembly, to being in a position to recall sensitive components in case of a failure in service
  • Legislative marking:
    Where manufacturers are obliged by law to mark pertinent information on their products, such as country of origin, patent number, voltage, …
  • Commercial marking:
    Providing the product manufacturer with a marketing tool for keeping their trade name or logo in front of their customer.

Typical application for punches and dies are:

  • Cheap and fast marking of various components in metal, plastics, leather, cardboard boxes and many more
  •  Inspection stamps
  • Marking for tracing purposes
  • Quality assurance
  • Heavy duty marking on high pressure gas cylinders
  • Fine branding detailed onto cigarette paper
  • Welder´s inspection stamps


Steel stamps and punches – Advantages

  • Quality controlled Sheffield Chromium tool steel
  • Precise heat treatment (58 – 62 R.C.) at the character and 32-40 R.C. at the striking end.
  • Production is certificated – ISO 9001:2000
  • Stamp sets (A-Z, 0-9) are packed in a strong plastic box with separate compartments for each stamp to allow rapid selection
  • Nickle plated stamp
  • Suitably for any industrial applications
  • Wide range available – Standard and heavy duty for general use, reverse for mould and die applications, ministress and dotstress for low stress work
  • Special punch safety grip available
  • Favourable price – the cheapest way to mark your products
  • Great cost/performance ratio

In addition, we produce in custom made engraving every kind of special punches as for example:


Catalog download

Catalog hand steel stamp – punches
Catalog interchangeable steel type and holder
Catalog marking head / numbering head



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Customised hand steel stamp


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