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Custom made steel stamps

Customised hand steel stamp

Custom made punch

Personalised hand steel stamps – welder´s stamp – machine stamp – inspection stamp


For individual marking solutions, our engravings department manufactures custom made metal stamps of high quality tool steels (f.e..: 1.1545, 1.2842, 1.2379). These marking stamps are engraved exactly to your requirements and component drawings. Our stamps are engraved precisely to your applications regarding material and hardness to reach an optimum of indenting results and durability.


We can supply the following custom made engraved stamps and dies:

  • Machine stamp
  • Welder’s stamp, welder´s identification stamp
  • Fly mark
  • Jewellery stamp, ring stamp
  • Logotype die, Logotype punch
  • Round die, embossing die
  • Roller die
  • Coding type
  • Cigarette printing die


Order Customized Hand Steel Stamps Online

Order Customized hand steel stamps or welder ID stamps online


Welders’ stamp – welders identification stamp

Customised hand steel stamp Identification stamps or ID stamps are special marking tools for quality assurance marking as well as for traceability marking. These stamps can be manufactured in different sizes and layouts. In most cases, a welder´s inspection punch comprises of a letter/figure combination, sometimes within a circle, a star symbol or a rectangular. Usually these stamps are manufactured with a rectangular blank, however, inspection stamps can also be produced with a round body.


Custom made engraved dies and punches

Beside the single character punch, punches can also be manufactured comprising more letters/figures/symbols in one stamp only. These custom made marking stamps allow marking of more than one character with one single stroke, which increases the productivity.

Custom made steel stamps are often used when company logos or fixed letter/figure combinations must be marked in mass production. In contrast to a single steel stamp, whole words or number codes can be marked therefore with a single stroke. Saving time and a better marking quality are two convincing arguments! The possible applications are countless, custom made engraved steel stamps are used in all parts of the industrial production processes.


Press style custom steel stamps

These custom steel stamps are special marking tools with a shank to fit virtually all marking presses. Press dies with shank are usually used for mass-production or serial-production, either with a single percussion press or within an assembly line. The shank, which can also be customized, serves as the connection between the marking die and the marking press. In addition, special shanks for rapid changes of the marking die are available. The possible applications are countless, custom made engraved steel stamps are used in all parts of the industrial production processes. We manufacture press style custom steel stamps either after drawing or after your sample.

Maschinenstempel in Sonderfertigung CE Maschinenstempel mit Gewinde


Roller die – Cigarette printing die  

Roller dies and cigarette printing dies are special marking tools used in assembly lines. Either presses or roller marking machines can be used to apply pressure to the dies and mark the component. Roller dies can be manufactured either in brass or in steel, depending on the application. These marking tools are exclusively custom made, a detailed engineering drawing is needed for the production.


Coining die

Coining dies are marking tools for different components like keys or various other articles. These custom made steel stamps mostly consist of two separate marking stamps for precise marking results. Engraving and blank can be customized, a detailed engineering drawing is needed for the production.


Security holders

Punch Grip - Security holder for hand steel stamps For safety reasons we recommend to use security gloves or use our security holder “Punch Grip” when using our punches. There are two different models available. Our metal holder is more precise and suitable for all standard punches
The plastic security holder is more flexible, you can use this holder for even thicker handles. This holder is also suitable for marking heads.


Catalog download

Catalog hand steel stamp – punches
Catalog interchangeable steel type and holder
Catalog marking head / numbering head



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Customised hand steel stamp
Punch - Inspection stamp Customized steel stamp with screw thread Punch - customized text
Press style customized steel stamp Sonderfertigung4-700
Coining die for key marking


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