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Hand holder - type holder

Manual Steel Type Holder

Hand holder – type holder

Typeholder for interchangeable steel types and marking stamps


Manual type holders are always used in combination with steel types and are designed to achieve an optimum marking result. Type holders are designed to provide accurate type location and positive locking combined with ease of use and durability. The type is secured in place by means of a grub screw (allen key supplied). The holder can also be fitted with a spring clip for extra security. This is necessary, especially for larger character sizes.


According to the size and the holder used, a certain number of steel marking types can be combined in the holder. The grub screw permits a quick exchange of the single types.


In our range you will find hand holders for all different variations of steel types (Priority, Imperial, Euro, TH-100) for numerous character sizes. Beside the standard hand holder, type holders can also be produced to your needs. Here, special requirements can be taken into consideration like impression lengths or multiline type holders.


Type holders – advantages

  • Precise for all steel types
  • Quick exchange of the types
  • Multiple character marking at low cost
  • Different character sizes can be used in only one holder
  • High durability
  • High flexibility
  • Custom made type holders possible


Order type holder for interchangeable steel types online

Order typeholder for interchangeable steel types online


Type holders – availability

According to dimension of the blanks, each blank has its own type holders. The capacity of each holder depends on the size of the character and decreases with increasing size. The main reason for this fact is that on the one hand the type holder become heavy with increasing character size, on the other hand, the necessary stroke power could hardly be reached by hammer stroke only.


Type holder – how to use

Insert the steel types Type holder and types in use Marking result


Type holders – applications

Type holders and steel types are often used, when a multiple character marking is needed. This kind of marking is often used to mark name or product plates with uniform legibility. The precision ground blanks give clear marks of consistent depth.
You will find our steel types and type holders in various industries. Some typical examples are:

  • Construction of name or product plates
  • Manual marking of profiles, work pieces, components and plant components
  • Product marking in assembly lines (automotive industries, steel mills, …)
  • Marking of production loads (Pharmaceutical industry, …)
  • And many more.


Catalog download

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Insert the steel types Steel type and holder in use Marking result
Hand holder for steel types Hand holder for steel types Hand holder for steel types Hand holder for steel types
Hand holder for steel types Hand holder for steel types Hand holder for steel types


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