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Manual type holders - TH-100 + THS-100

Manual Steel Type Holder

Manual type holder for TH-100 and THS-100 steel types

Type holder for DIN interchangeable steel types


Type holder for use with steel type are available for use by hand and hammer application or for faster througput as machine holder for press marking. Each style offers a wide choice of one and multi-line options with various capacities to suit all type sizes.


Manual type holders for TH-100 or THS-100 steel types are available in any size from 4 to 12 digits. In special manufacturing we can also produce customised holder to your requirements. For any character size, the capacity of the holder can be adapted to your requirements. Additionally, for heavy-duty applications our hand holders THS-100 are also fitted with a spring clip for extra security.


Order type holder for interchangeable steel types online

Order typeholder for interchangeable steel types online


Economy safety grip

Economy Safety Grip available as an accessory to work with Hand Holders allows the user to make a controlled and confident strike by keeping the fingers at a safe distance, reducing the risk of injury and assisting in making a good quality mark.


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Catalog interchangeable steel type and holder
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