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Stapling gun

Tacking guns

A staple gun in a held-held machine used to drive heavy metal staples into wood or masonry. Staple guns can be driven manually, electrically powered or pneumatically powered. Power staple guns are recommanded for high-volume stapling as these machines can set staples at a quicker rate without fatigue to the operator.
Our range comprises all the three different types of stapling gun to meet your requirements best.

Catalog download:
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Catalog download:
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Stapling guns are usually used for the following applications:
         House wrap
         Roofing (Roofing sheet)
         Stapling labels
         And many more
Product range:
For a better navigation, we divided our product range in the following categories:
         Hand tacker – Stapling gun for hobby applications
         Hand tacker – Stapling gun for professional applications
         Electric tacker – Electric stapling gun for professionals
         Pneumatic tackers – Pneumatic stapling gun for professionals
All stapling guns are of well-known manufacturers, therefore, all necessary staples are available off-the-shelf.
For further reading, please click to the categories you are interested in above or on top of the page.
Should you have any questions to our tackers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our sales team will be glad to assist you!

Tacking gun Rapid R23 Tacking gun Rapid R33 Tacking gun Rapid R34 Tacking gun Regur Twin-Fix MP10 Tacking gun Regur 23 Tacking gun Regur 53 Tacking gun T-37 for plastic staples Hammer tacker R19 Hammer tacker R14 Hammer tacker R54 Hammer tacker R28 Hammer tacker R11 Stapling gun Rapid 23 Stapling gun Rapid 33 Stapling gun Regur FT10 Stapling gun Regur 53 Stapling gun Takkurat 44 Pneumatic stapling gun MEK80 Stapling gun Rapid 28 for cables

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