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Manual tacker T-37 plastics

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Manual tacker T-37 plastic

Our manual stapling gun T-37 is a special tacker for plastic staples. The opportunity to use plastic staples, which are rustproof and resistant to weather and UV, allows many new applications.
With this tacker, you can easily label or mark wood, lumber, timber and other wooden prodcuts without any damage to the wood due to a rusting staple. Another major advantage is that the tools like saws and blades cannot be damaged. This tacker is the best solution, whenever rusty staples should be avoided.
Our manual tacker T-37 comes with a fully nickle-plated metal construction for strong performance. The comfortable bottom refill system and the transport safety lock enhance the comfortable working. This stapling gun works without recoil, the impact power is adjustable.
Staples: Plas 10, Plas 13
T pencils: Plas T9, Plas T13
The staples and T-Pins are made of plastic and therefore, are resistant against rust. These staples are available in 10 amd 13 mm leg length. Beside the staples, the tacker T-37 also uses comfortable plastic T-pins.
         Forestry commissions
         Timber merchants
         Garden centers
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Stapling gun for plastic staples Stapling gun for plastic staples Stapling gun for plastic staples Stapling gun for plastic staples - adjustable stroke Plastic staples and T-pins for Tacker T-37

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