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Manual tacker Rapid 33

Tacking gun Rapid R33 – Manual tacker Rapid 33 for staples 13/6 – 13/14

Our stapling gun Rapid 33 is a high quality tacker fro fine wire staples and is a professional tool for the exacting user. More than 100.000 actuations are possible. For even more comfortable work, the impact force is adjustable, especially when using long staples, the maximum setting is useful for the operator.
This stapling gun is very suitable for securing textiles, canvas, leather, posters, netting, labels, etc.
Staples: 13/6 + 13/8 + 13/10 + 13/12 + 13/14
Weight: 820 g
The manual stapling gun Rapid 33 works with our staple Nr. 13. This staple is a fine wire staple for various applications like fixing textiles, canavas, leather, posters, netting, labels, etc. For more information to this staple, please click to the following sub-site: Staple Nr. 13
The most popular staples are:
         E 25700 Staple 13/4 nk galvanised
         E 30700 Staple 13/6 nk galvanised
         E 35600 Staple 13/8 nk galvanised
         E 40600 Staple 13/10 nk galvanised
         E 50500 Staple 13/14 nk galvanised
         Stapeling labels
         Room panels
         Repair seats
         Ceiling panels
         Parquet floor
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Tacking gun Rapid R33 Stapling gun Rapid R33 Stapling gun Rapid R33 - For staples Nr. 13 Stapling gun Rapid R33 - Adjustable stroke Stapling gun Rapid R33 - Details

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