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Text perforating machine

Text perforating machines

Manual or electric text perforators to perforate a fix text in paper, document, invoice, insurance, tender bids etc.

Perforating machines are more than pure cancelling or validating machines. Instead of our punching machines, the needles of our perforators produce a readable fixed text like PAID.

Perforators are used to mark and validate various forms, labels, films, packaging or business documents like tenders. These machines are not so versatile like date perforating machines, as the fixed text cannot be changed. Therefore, this machine is rather used for marking forms, trade samples, labels, films, plastic cards, for securing original documents or for decorating letters and business forms.

Our text perforators are used mainly in municipals, government offices, administration but also in larger companies, banks, insurance companies and various offices.

Text perforators – Our offer:


Cancelling and perforating machines – Applications

Our cancelling, validation and perforating machines are used primarily to validate, date and cancel documents, forms, tenders, labels, passports, receipt blocks, invoices, cheque cards, savings books and other, similar documents.


Cancelling and perforating machines – Applicatiors

Due to its specific applications, these machines are used mainly in the following areas:
  • Administrations of cities, municipals and ministries
  • Lawyer and tax consultant offices
  • Building companies and architects
  • Accounting departments
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Companies inviting to tender
  • and many more


Cancelling and perforating machines – Availability

For faster navigation through our range, we divided these products in the following categories:
  • Cancelling and validating machines
  • Date perforating machines
  • Text perforating machines
  • Perforating machines with adjustable wheels
  • Perforating machines § 57s
  • Paper embossing machines


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