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Electric text perforating machine Perfoset ES/T

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Text perforating machine Perfoset ES/T

Electric text perforating machine Perfoset ES/T

Electric heavy duty perforator with fix text for document, paper, invoice, insurance, contract, tender bids up to 25-30 sheets

Our heavy duty perforating machine Perfoset ES/T is a most powerful perforator for the permanent marking of documents, labels, film, packaging and tenders in offices and administrations. This machine is equipped with an extra strong electronic motor and allows marking of paper stacks up to 25-30 sheets without any effort.

The Perfoset ES/T perforator comes with a working table and a foot switch for high-volume demands. Also in the standard package included is an adjustable side and rear gauge for the exact positioning of the paper stacks and the perforation. The insertion depth is adjustable to a maximum of 105 mm.

In its standard version, the Perfoset ES/T comes with a fixed text including up to 7 letters. In special manufacturing, the number of letters can be increased to a maximum width of 110 mm. In addition, more-line printing up to three lines is also possible in special manufacturing. The letters are available in 6, 8 or 10 mm, special character sizes are also possible

Further options to this text perforating machine are a security lock, a counter, special gauges and an automatic release.


Perfoset ES/T – Details

Text perforating machine Perfoset ES/T
  • Character size: 6 mm – 8 mm – 10 mm
  • Capacity: 25 sheets
  • Insertion depth: 110 mm
  • Weight: 140 kg
  • Packaging size: 120 x 49 x 92 cm
Additional accessories

  • Security lock
  • foot switch
  • Automatic release
  • Counter
  • Working table

Cancelling and perforating machines – Applications

Our cancelling, validation and perforating machines are used primarily to validate, date and cancel documents, forms, tenders, labels, passports, receipt blocks, invoices, cheque cards, savings books and other, similar documents.

Cancelling and perforating machines – Applicatiors

Due to its specific applications, these machines are used mainly in the following areas:
  • Administrations of cities, municipals and ministries
  • Lawyer and tax consultant offices
  • Building companies and architects
  • Accounting departments
  • Banks and insurance companies
  • Companies inviting to tender
  • and many more

Cancelling and perforating machines – Availability

For faster navigation through our range, we divided these products in the following categories:
  • Cancelling and validating machines
  • Date perforating machines
  • Text perforating machines
  • Perforating machines with adjustable wheels
  • Paper embossing machines

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