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Date perforating machine

Date perforating machines

Perforating machines are more than pure cancelling or validating machines. Instead of our punching machines, the needles of our perforators produce a readable date or a changeable letter combination in the documents. With this machine, you can mark a date and an additional information like “PAID” on the validated paper stacks.
Perforators are used to mark and validate various forms, labels, films, packagings or business documents like tenders. These machines are very versatile and can be modified to your requirements. For example, you can easily add a fixed text above or below the date or place additional letter or figures before and after the date.
All machines are supplied with 18 figure slides for a 6 digits date in their standard version. The so-called slides are small metal sticks which can very fast and easily be inserted into the machine from the front of it. After the use, these slides can be pulled out and replaced by new slides.
Our date perforators are used mainly in municipals, government and administration, but also in lawyer and tax consultant offices, in banks and insurance companies and in accounting departments in big companies. Beside the usage in offices, these perforators are also used for commercial application like the marking the date of expiry on packaging. Finally, these validation machines are used in hospitals for the marking of films and radiograms.
Date perforators – Our range:
Our range comprises the following date perforators:
         Date perforating machine Perfoset I/D
(manual, 15 sheets)
         Date perforating machine Perfoset II/D
(manual, 25 sheets)
         Electric date perforating machine Office D
(electric, 20 sheets)
         Electric date perforating machine Perfoset E/D
(electric, 30 sheets)
         Electric date perforating machine Perfoset ES/D
(electric, 30 sheets)
         Electric date perforating machine 2000 E/D
(electric, 30 sheets)
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Manual Date Perforating Machine Perfoset I/D Electric Date Perforating Machine Office D Electric Date Perforating Machine Perfoset E/D Electric Date Perforating Machine 2000 E/D Date Perforating Machine - How to use Date Perforating Machine Result Date Perforating Machine

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