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Date perforating machine Perfoset I/D

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Date perforating machine – Perforation machine for date – Perfoset I/D



Our date perforating machine Perfoset I/D is a small manual perforator. This machine is supplied with 18 figure slides for a 6 digits date in their standard version. The slides can be inserted and replaced fast and easily, 18 slides are sufficient to perforate any date. Also in the standard version included are two adjustable gauges, one on the side and one in the back of the perforator. This facilitates the exact positioning of the perforation.
The Perfoset I/D date perforating machine can mark up to 15 sheets of paper in one single operation. The insertion depth can be adjusted and reach a maximum of 75 mm. The date has a character size of 6 or 8 mm.
Instead of a date, this machine can be supplied with any figure or letter slides to perforate any letter/figure combination required. Additional, a fixed text can be added above or bellow the exchangeable figure line. The maximum width of the perforation can be up to 60 mm. A safety lock is also available to prevent unauthorised use.
In case of order, please always state where on the forms the impression is required so that it appears legible.
Our perforation machines are primarily used for cancelling
         forms like tender documents
         business documents (validation of invoice, quotation, …)
         identity documents
         savings books
         cheque cards
         films and radiograms
and are mainly used from
         municipals and government organisations
         banks and insurance companies
         lawyer and tax consultant offices
         companies inviting for tender
         offices of big companies (accounting department)
         building companies and architects
         companies in the packaging industry
Technical data:
         Character size: 6 mm, 8 mm
         Capacity: 15 sheets
         Insertion depth: 75 mm
         Weight: 6.7 kg
         Packaging dimensions: 43 x 34 x 20 cm
Additional options:
         Security lock
         Additional text line above or below
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