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Stencil cutting and stencil applications MARSH

MARSH stencil equipment

MARSH stencil accesories and equipment for high quality stencil marking results

Our product range comprises various articles for stencil marking. Beside our metal or plastic stencils, we offer various accessories like fountain roller, fountain brush, stamping ink and spray.


MARSH Rolmark fountain roller

Our MARSH fountain roller is an important marking tool for stencil marking. Our fountain roller RFR-200 is very well suited for marking boxes, carton, cardboard, textiles, corrugated fibreboards, wooden palettes, jute bags, metal barrels, plastics and many other materials.
The fountain roller is available in two different sizes with 38 mm and 76 mm width. Both fountain rollers are made of durable aluminium and brass for tough environments. The roller itself is of long wearing neoprene. The rollers itself are replaceable for an enhanced durability.

Our MARSH fountain rollers use pump action for last, uniform dispensing of ink without any ink fade-out or flooding. The ink itself is filled into the handle of the brush and can be refilled any time. For further information on our stamping inks, please visit our special site “Stamping inks” on this webpage.

Reference note:

When using our fountain roller in combination with die cut stencils, please note that the contact pressure should be low so that the ink is not pressed behind the stencil. The quality of your imprints will increase

Reference note (2):

We recommend to unroll the surplus stamping ink in to roller for longer durability. The stamping ink can easily dry in the roller which leads to valve packing. Please use the plastic cap for storage.

Article numbers:

MAR RFR200 1.5 – Fountain roller 38 mm
MAR RFR200 3.0 – Fountain roller 76 mm
MAR RFR250 1.5 – Replacement roller 38 mm
MAR RFR250 3.0 – Replacement roller 76 mm


         Available in 2 sizes – 38 mm and 76 mm width
         Durable aluminium and brass construction for tough environments
         Long wearing neoprene roller
         Environmentally friendly – refillable
         Replacement rollers available


Pad Roller – Ink roller MK2

The pad roller MK2 is a simple and inexpensive variation of the fountain roller MARSH. In contrast to the marking roller above, this pad roller is not refillable and has no stamp ink tank. Therefore, this roller has to be dyed with stamping ink in an extra pad.
This roller is less expensive than the model MARSH RFR, however, this tool is suitable for small-volume marking.


MARSH Fountain Brush

Fount brush MARSH
Our MARSH fountain brush makes strong and clear marks on all types of surfaces using split bristles for solid coverage. This marking tool is designed for both porous and non-porous applications. It is also great for uneven surfaces, such as crates or concrete.
The ink can be refilled at the end of the handle which extends the product life. This life span is even enhanced due to replaceable brush tips. For further information on our stamping inks, please visit our special site “Stamping inks” on this webpage.

The MARSH fountain brush is available in two different sizes:

Fountain brush FB-25 = 38 mms diameter
Giant fountain brush FB-80 = 80 mm diameter
Replacement tip FB-15 = 38 mm diameter
Giant replacement tip FB-79 = 80 m diameter


         Available in 2 sizes – 38 mm and 76 mm width
         Replaceable tips extend the life of your brush
         Ink reservoirs refill from the opposite end of the brush for clean, no-mess operation


Marking Pen MARSH M99

Fount pen "MARSH" M99
Our marking pen Marsh 99 is a refillable industrial quality valve action marker. It provides years of reliable service and is most suitable for shipping and sign marking.
The stamping ink is filled directly into the handle. Replacement pent tips in three different styles are available.
  • Standard round point 5 mm
  • Chisel 10 mm
  • T-shaped 25 mm


Industrial marking sprays MARSH

Our industrial spray is designed for all purpose and sprays adhesive and permanent bond on most materials. Our stencil sprays are available in 7 colours for permanent, waterproof, fast-drying, bold marks. Our spray inks are lead free, CFC and CFHC-free and environmentally safe.
Our sprays are also available in white or tan to cover old marks and re-use cartons. This permanent and waterproof mark will provide maximum coverage with minimum spray-mist and running.



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Fount roller with 76 and 38 mm width Fount brush MARSH Roller MK-2 Fount pen "MARSH" M99 Fount roller with 76 and 38 mm width Fount roller with stencil Fount brush MARSH Fount pen "MARSH" M99 Marking spray

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