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Electric stamps

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Electric stamps

General information
Electric stamps of the brand "Rapidprint" are extremely robust and reliable electric stamping machines. The easy, modular construction allows a huge number of different impression possibilities. Above and/or below the figure line, replaceable die plates can be fastened.
The stamping itself automatically occurs through insertion of the document. The stamping position can be changed slightly. Because the stamping is released by magnet blow, carbon copies can also be stamped with this machine.
In the standard version, all electric stamps are designed for stamping on the top edge of the documents. If requested the position of the stamping can also be modified, printing at the bottom edge as well as on one of both side edges is possible. Please take into consideration, that a subsequent modification is not possible.
For which purposes are our electric stamping machines designed?
Our electric stamps are used primarily in offices where a large quantity of documents must be stamped with the least costs. Our stamping machines can be delivered as a pure text stamps as well as a date stamp, numbering or time stamp and a combination of all three elements.
Another important application is the embossing of durability data in the pharmaceutical industry as well as in the food processing industry where only low quantities need to be marked. In this case, a type holder for sharp faced engraved steel types is used instead of the figure block. With the steel types, the data will be embossed directly into the cardboard packaging. The marking depth can be changed by hand.  
Where are electric stamping machines primarily used?
Electric stamp "Rapidprint" are used in many areas in offices, some examples are:
         City administrations, municipalities
         Public management, public official places
         Lawyer´s office and tax consultants
         Building contractors
         Book keepers in big enterprises
         Assurance companies
         And many more
Which advantages do our electric stamp have?
         An easy, modular construction
         Also carbon copies can be stamped
         Favorable price
         High dependability
         Large model choice
         Also for an easy indenting work usable
Which models are available?
Our electric stamps can be delivered for the following tasks:
         Text stamp
         Date stamp
         Numbering stamps – for sequential numbers
         Date stamp with sequential number
         Time stamp
         Date / time stamp
         Date / time stamp with sequential number
         Electric stamp with type holder for interchangeable types
For detailed information about our products, please visit the continuing sides of our electric stamps.
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