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Security seals

Security seals – Cinch-up seals – cable seals – bolt locks – druck locks

Security seals are used in many different industries and are available for most different applications. Typical industries where security seals are needed are:

  • Banks / Cash in transit
  • Airlines
  • Post / Courier Services
  • Chemicals / Pharmaceutics
  • Transport
  • Utilities



For all the industries above, we offer a wide range of different seal types. 


Seals for pliers  

Adjustable Length Seals
Cinch-up Seals
Pull-tight Seals

Fixlength Seals

Cable seal  
Bolt seals 
Bolt lock seals
Meter Seals  
Special seals
Bags Information will be available soon    


For further infomration, please click to the single seals or categories. At the moment, this site is under construction, some links and informations are not available.


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