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Sealing wire


Sealing wire

Galvanized sealing wire – Brass – Copper


Sealing wire is required for any sealing application with sealing press and lead seals (lead seals, plastic lead seals, aluminium lead seals). Our sealing wire is a spiralized sealing wire with two wires combined. Usually, the core wire is slightly thicker than the surrounding wire. The spiralized wire has very positive properties, especially regarding the durability and fixation with in the lead seal. You can choose between various materials like iron-zinced, copper, brass or nylon/perlon, combinations are also possible. Our sealing wire is manufactured to DIN 1367 standards. We supply our sealing wire either on spool or with pre-cutted lengths.


The right sealing wire depends on the application used. Our most popular sealing wire is galvanized iron on spool with a tendon diameter of 0.5 mm and a surrounding wire of 0.3 mm. This wire is suitable for most industrial applications. For trucks, we recommend the sealing wire with 0.7 x 0.3 mm.


The sealing wire is available in different sizes and variations. We supply our sealing wire either on spools (1 kgs, 0.5 kg. 100 meter) or as pre-cutted sets of 1000 pcs sealing wire. The length of the sealing wire can vary from 10 cm to 60 cm and more.

Sealing-wire-iron-galvanized Sealing-wire-copper Sealing-wire-brass
Sealing-wire-plastic-red Premounted-lead-seal Pre-cutted-sealing-wire-copper


Order sealing wire online

Order sealing wire online


Sealing wire – Application

Sealing wire is always used for sealing applications involving a sealing plier or sealing press.


Standard applications are:

  • Protection and sealing of counter boxes and money boxes
  • Protection and sealing of water meters, gas meters and electricity meters
  • Protection and sealing of Trucks and transports
  • Protection and sealing of fire extinguishers
  • Sealing for customs reasons
  • Sealing for calibration reasons
  • Protection and sealing in the administration
  • Protection and sealing of containers, boxes, suitcase, …


Sealing wire – Material 

The following qualities of sealing wires are in our range:

Sealing wire
  • Sealing wire iron galvanized – iron zinced
  • Sealing wire plastic/iron zinced
  • Sealing wire plastic/copper
  • Sealing wire plastic/brass
  • Sealing wire copper/copper
  • Sealing wire brass/brass
  • sealing wire plastic
  • Standard hanf string


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Sealing wireSealing wire iron galvanized Sealing wire brass Sealing wire stainless steel


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