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Sealing plier 24/1 Liliput


Sealing plier 24/1 Liliput – Sealing press

The sealing plier 24/1 – Liliput is the smallest sealing press in our range for small and medium frequent applications. These pliers are very light-weight and therefore very popular for the flexible use. This plier is very often used for sealing water meters, electricity meters, fire extinguishers, calibration sealing and similar applications.

Sealing plier – Details:

Length: 110 mm
Weight: 190 g
Engraving dies: 8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm
Pivot: 4 mms
Suitable for: Plastic seals, lead seals

Sealing plier 24/1 – available dies

Sealing-die-24-1-8mm Sealing-die-24-1-9mm Sealing-die-24-1-10mm

Customized sealing stamp:

This plier can be equipped with an individual engraving consisting of letter combinations or abbreviations (f.e. OMV)
–         Figure figures or date: (f.e.: 2009)
–         Logos
–         Letter/figure combinations

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