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Sealing plier 25/0000

Sealing plier 25/0000

Sealing plier 25/0000

Sealing press for lead and plastic seals


Our lead seal press 25/0000 is a handy sealing plier with excellent power transmission. This plier is also used for less strong users. The press 25/0000 is slightly longer and heavier than the plier 24/1 Liliput. Our sealing plier 25/0000 comes with plastic handles and 10 mm unengraved dies, other sizes and customized engraving is possible on demand. This sealing plier is suitable for plastic and lead seals.


The sealing pliers 25/0000 are suitable for many different sealing requirements like counter boxes, fire extinguishers, first-aid boxes and other applications.


Sealing plier 25/0000 – Details:

Sealing plier 25/0000
  • Length: 130 mms
  • Weight: 220 gs
  • Engraving die: 8 mms, 9 mms, 10 mms
  • Pivot: 4 mms
  • Suitable for: Plastic lead seals, lead seals


Order sealing plier 25/0000 online

Order our sealing plier 25/0000 online


Sealing plier 25/0000 – Available dies

Sealing-die-25-0000-8mm Sealing-die-25-0000-9mm Sealing-die-25-0000-10mm


Customized sealing stamp:

This sealing press can be equipped with an individual engraving consisting of letter combinations or abbreviations (f.e. OMV)
  • Figure figures or date: (f.e.: 2009)
  • Logos
  • Letter/figure combinations


Price: for your inquiry concerning prices to this article, please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.



Sealing plier 25/0000


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