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Custom made engravings

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Custom made engravings

All sealing pliers can be engraved in our engravings department exactly to your needs and requirements. The dices can be personalized with letters, figures or logos to enhance the security of your sealing. Your products are secured against unauthorized penetration even better with an engraving.
The most frequently ordered engravings are shortened date (f.e. 2009, 09) and abbreviations of the company name (f.e. OMV, BP). However, almost any combination is possible, special logos can be supplied as well. Please send us your inquiry with your company logo or your draft proposal. The engravings are mostly engraved in a font similar to “Arial” for supreme legibility. Other fonts can be engraved as well.
Possible Sealingen are:
         Letter combinations or abbreviations: Bsp .: OMV
         Figure figures or annual figures: Bsp: 09
We also supply our sealing pliers to the following countries. Please write in English or German!
France – France

Pince à plomber
Italy – Italia
Pinza per sigilli di piombo
Czech republic

Plombovaci kleste
Hungary – Magyarország
Plombanyomó Fogó
Slovenia – Slovenija

Plomba klesce
Slovakia – Slovensko
Plombovacie klieste


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