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Security seal for tankers

Security seal for tankers


In many cases, tank trucks need to be sealed for security reasons. Our range includes the following security seals for this application:


Bolt Seal "Poseidon"

The most secure seal in our range . Certified to ISO/PAS 17712:2010. With its new locking mechanism, the seal offers highest level of protection.

Cable Seal "Super Lock"

Our cable seal offers a good protection as it requires a cutter for removal. This seal is flexible, tamper resistant and most user friendly. Available in different lengths and diameters. One size ISO 17712 certified.

Pull-tight Seal "Mars"

The security seal "Mars" is an adjustable security seal with a metal locking mechanism. Available in various lengths from 225 to 600 mm.

Our pull tight seal "ADJ" is an easy to handle and favourable security seal. Available in two different lengths.
Our security seal "Simple & Easy" is a favourable adjustable seal in two different sizes.


Our cinch-up seal Secur is a small adjustable seal with a cable of only 3 mm diameter. Very flexible in use.


Pull-tight Seal "Tiny"

This adjustable seal is a small and very favourable security seal for simple applications.

Pull-tight Seal "Hector"

The adjustable seal "Hector" is a strong pull-tight seal with a large label.

Pull-tight Seal "Kronos"

Our adjustable seal "Kronos" is a strong cinch-up seal with an extra large sealing label. Suitable for applications, where the label is of importance.

Fixlength Seal "Balloon"

This security seal is a metallic seal with an innovative locking mechanism. Impossible to reopen without breaking it and leaving any evident of tampering.

Fixlength Seal "Truck"

This metallic seal is the most economic strap seal available. Well suited to seal freight containers.

Strapseal "Metall"

Our security seal "Metall" is very easy to handle and offers a high visibility even from longer distance. Suitable for trucks, freight containers and similar applications.

The fixed length seal Fixcar is a specially designed security seal with a special locking tooth. A significant click signifies the seal locked correctly.

Fixlength seal "Horn"

Our strapseal "Horn" is a self-locking security seal. Once closed, there is no way to reopen without destroying the seal. Available with a calender function.

Aluminium seals are used with sealing wire and sealing pliers. Customisation is only possible with an appropriate sealing plier. No sequential number
Lead seals and plstic seals are also used with wire and sealing pliers. Customisation is only possible with an appropriate sealing plier. No sequential number.


For further information, please click on the single seal. You can also send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.

Pull-tight seal "Mars" Pull-tight seal "ADJ" Pull-tight seal "Simple & Easy" Cinch-up seal "Secur" Fixed length seal "Fixcar"

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