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Pull-tight seal Easy and Simple

Pull-tight seal Easy&Simple

Adjustable security seal with opening mechanism available in two length 295 mm and 420 mm

Our adjustable pull-tight security seal “Easy & simple” are robust security seals for multiple applications. They are self-locking, easy to use and can be opend with a built-in opening mechanism. No tool is required at all. The seals are of a polypropylene co-polymer with high density.

This cinch-up seal has a robust, 6 mm strong wire which can be locked in various positions. The number of locking positions depends on the length of the seal. This seal is available in 2 different lengths and various colour.

Each seal can be preprinted on request, please note the minimum order quantity of 10.000 pieces without any surcharge, 5.000 pcs in special cases with a small extra charge. In our standard version, the text “SEALED” and a consecutive number is printed on each seal.

Product details:

Easy and Simple
295 mm length
Easy and Simple
420 mm length



Our cinch-up seal “EASY & SIMPLE” can be preprinted with a maximum or 2 lines with 11 characters per line. The MOQ for preprinted seals is 10.000 pcs without surcharge.
In addition, this security seal can be preprinted with a bar code.



  • cash bags
  • trucks, trailers, containers
  • food and beverage
  • plastic and fibre bags
  • government and administration requirements
  • textile bags, counter boxes
  • transportation equipment
  • storage equipment
  • rail cars
  • tote boxes
  • storage cabinets


How to use:

Our pull-tight seals are very easy to handle without any tool requirements. This seal is self-locking and functions like a cable binder. Once the seal is closed, you can only remove this seal by destroying the whole seal.


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Adjustable seal "Simple & Easy"
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