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Security Seal for Barrels

Security Seal für Barrels and Drums


Drums and barrels can be protected with the following seals fast and easily.


Pull-tight Seal "Mars"

The security seal "Mars" is an adjustable security seal with a metal locking mechanism. Available in various lengths from 225 to 600 mm.

Our pull tight seal "ADJ" is an easy to handle and favourable security seal. Available in two different lengths.
Our security seal "Simple & Easy" is a favourable adjustable seal in two different sizes.


Our cinch-up seal Secur is a small adjustable seal with a cable of only 3 mm diameter. Very flexible in use.


Pull-tight Seal "Tiny"

This adjustable seal is a small and very favourable security seal for simple applications.

Strapseal "Metall"

Our security seal "Metall" is very easy to handle and offers a high visibility even from longer distance. Suitable for trucks, freight containers and similar applications.

The fixed length seal Fixcar is a specially designed security seal with a special locking tooth. A significant click signifies the seal locked correctly.
Lead seals and plstic seals are also used with wire and sealing pliers. Customisation is only possible with an appropriate sealing plier. No sequential number.

Security seal "Twist"

The security seal "Twist" is a plastic seal used in combination with a sealing wire. Easy to handle, transparent exterior for better control.

Security seal "Drum L"

Our security seal "Drum L" is a easy to use security seal. This seal needs an appropriate hole. No additional tool required, no personalisation.

Security seal "Drum S"

The security seal "Drum S" is an easy to use security seal which needs an appropriate hole. The seal body allows some personalisation.


For further information, please click on the single seal. You can also send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.

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