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Security Seal Cralu

Security Seal Cralu

Security seal for sealing plier Cralu and Pronglok

The security seal “Cralu” is a secure and extremely economical seal. The seal is closed with a special sealing plier. Once the seal´s flag has been pressed around the wire, you cannot remove the seal without destroying it.


Security Seal “Cralu”


  • Material: Aluminium galvanized

Available colours:

  • blue
  • green
  • silver (Aluminium)
  • Gold


Sequential numbering and customisation:

  • Metallic engraved
  • Sequenced numbering up to 6 digits
  • Customised up to 12 characters on one line
  • Logos available on request



  • depending on size


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Cralu-130-pers05 Security Seal Cralu Security Seal Cralu

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