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Sealing plier Cralu

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Sealing plier CRALU

Sealing plier Cralu – Pronglok

This sealing plier Cralu also known as Pronglok plier is a special plier for closing Carlu seals. With this cheap and reliable sealing plier you can close Cralu seals with a sealing wire.

Sealing plier Cralu – details

Length: 230 x 170 mm
Weight: 390 g
Suitable for: security seals “Cralu”

Available seals

Security Seal Cralu


With this plier you can mark individual letters and figures to your metal security seal Cralu.  In addition, the Cralu seals can also be embossed with a logo or letters and numbers according to your specifications.


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Security Seal Cralu Security Seal "Cralu" Security Seal Cralu


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