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Sealing plier Cralu

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Sealing plier Cralu



This sealing plier is a special plier for closing Carlu seals.

Sealing plier Cralu – properties:
Length: 230 x 170 mm
Weight: 390 g
Suitable for: security seals "Cralu"
With this plier you can mark individual letters and figures to your metal security seal Cralu.  
We also supply our sealing pliers to the following countries. Please write in English or German!
France – France

Pince à plomber
Italy – Italia
Pinza per sigilli di piombo
Czech republic

Plombovaci kleste
Hungary – Magyarország
Plombanyomó Fogó
Slovenia – Slovenija

Plomba klesce
Slovakia – Slovensko
Plombovacie klieste
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Plombenzange-cralu-05 Sealing plier Cralu

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