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Wax sealing equipment - sealing device

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Sealing device Gutenberg – Wax sealing equipment

Sealing device – Sealing equipment Gutenberg


Our sealing device GU 97220 is an electric sealer and is used primarily where large quantities must be sealed every day.

The Gutenberg sealing device has a double wall container with heating elements inside. The closing mechanism opens a valve and the melted wax can drop out. You can place the wax on top of the bottle or on a letter very precisly in position and quantity.


For best results, we recommend our seal wax granulate GU 91P01 in connection with our quick sealer.

Quick seal device – seal pen

Our sealing pen is ideal for sealing individual objects fast. The heater is adjusted exactly to the melting point of the sealing wax. Using our Gutenberg sealing wax, the diameter of the heater is suitable for the single sticks. The excellent adhesivness of the seal comes from using real shellac and selected raw materials in the production of Gutenberg wax

Glue gun for sealing wax

Our glue gun for sealing wax sticks with 11 or 12 mm is a favourable and interesting method for sealing wedding invitations and similar applications. The gun melts the wax in short time and you can place the melted wax very precise on your envelope or documents. Available for 11 and 12 mm diameter sticks.


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 Gutenberg sealing device
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