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Security labels

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Security labels

High destroy security labels
Our security labels are tamper proof labels that use easy tear materials coupled with a strong adhesion. This combination causes the label to disintegrate if an attempt to remove the label is made. It is almost impossible to withdraw the label completely. It is impossible to peel of the label and re-apply it anywhere else. Even if you succeed in completely removing the label, the absence of the label indicates that the product has been tampered with or is counterfeit.
These labels are available in several qualities.
Security label SL1: Standard security label, white
Security label SL2: Personalized security label
Security label SL3: Security label with number and barcode
Security label SL4: Personalized security label with number and barcode.
Our labels can be made exactly to your requirements in size, colour and personalization.
The number of applications is almost countless. Security labels are used in many areas of industry, trade and commerce. Typical applications are:
         Guarantee seal (EDP, cashes, electronic devices, and more)
         Proof of ownership
         Inventory label
         Protection against counterfeit
         And many more

Selbstzerstörende Etikette - Garantieetikette

 VOID security labels and seals
In comparison to the high destructive security labels, VOID security labels offer a different protection against counterfeit or fraud.
These security labels separate into two layers in any attempt to remove the label. One layer is removed from the article, the second layer however remains on the secured item revealing an image or lettering (VOID) giving proof that the label has been removed. This tamper-evident security label makes any attempt of manipulation visible.
The standard printing of the VOID security label are the word “VOID” in various languages. However, our security seals can be personalized to your requirements.
The application for these labels is wide-spread. These labels are used in various industries for example to seal
         pharmaceutical products
         ballot boxes
         cartons and boxes
         electronic devices (guarantee)
         any products within the entertainment industry
         trucks, containers, trailers
         door protection, access protection
         and many, many more

 Sicherheitsetiketten "VOID"  Sicherheitsetiketten "VOID"
Whether you need brand authentication or evidence of tampering, our labels cannot be copied or altered without detection.
Standard VOID labels – Product details:
Standard size: 50×25 mms, 75×50 mms
Imprint on the label: SEAL
Imprint on the secured item when label is removed: VOID
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High destroy security labels Security label "VOID" Security label "VOID"

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