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Blitz Price gun

Price gun Blitz C6

Blitz Price Gun

Labelling machine Blitz for price labels. For all label sizes, huge number of available printers

Labelling machines “Blitz” are high quality price guns for various purposes. A huge number of different printers is available for different label sizes. Beside the standard wheel configuration, almost any possible combination can be delivered.


Blitz Price Gun – Our range

Single-line labelling machines  Available for labels:
Price gun Blitz C6
Two-line labelling machines
Price gun Blitz S14
Three-line labelling machines  
 Price gun Blitz T177
labelling machines
 Alphanumeric Price gun Blitz C10A
Labelling machines with
consecutive numbers


Catalog download:

Download Blitz price gun


Price gun Blitz C6 Price gun Blitz S14 Price gun Blitz X17
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