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Price gun Blitz X

Hand labeller Blitz X – Price gun Blitz X 37×19 mm

With a label size of 37×19 mm, this price gun offers a lot of pricing options to the user. Up to 14 digits can be printed in one line. Designed as a two-line printer, you can chose the position of the imprint. The most popular labeling machines of the series “X” are:
Price gun BLITZ MX07

Price gun Blitz X07

  • Digits: 7
  • Impression: €1234.56

Price gun Blitz X02

  • Digits: 12
  • Impression: €123456789.01
    Impression: 12345€7890.12

Price gun Blitz X04

  • Digits: 14
  • Impression: €12345678901.23
    Impression: €23456€89012.34

Price gun Blitz MX07

  • Digits: 7 (XXL digits)
  • Impression: €1234.56


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Labelling machine Blitz X Price label Blitz X02 Price label Blitz MX07

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