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Price gun Blitz T

Price gun Blitz T007 – Labelling machine Blitz T001 – Hand printer Blitz MT07

Price guns of the series BLITZ T are designed as three line printers for labels 29×28 mm. Only one line is equipped with digits leaving a lot of space for your customized dvertising or information imprints. In combination with pre-printed labels, this price gun is very popular for clothes and fashion shops and especially for chemist´s shops. Another important application is the pricing of marketing and special price campaigns, especially when using our XXL figures with 7 mm character size. Please find some examples of possible layouts on the bottom of this site.
Three different models stand for your choice:
Price gun BLITZ T007

Price gun Blitz T007

  • Digits: 7
  • Impression: €1234.56

Price gun Blitz T001

  • Digits: 11
  • Impression: €12345678.90
    Impression: 12345€789.01

Price gun Blitz MT07

  • Digits: 7 (XXL digits)
  • Impression: €1234.56
Price: For prices to our Blitz price guns, please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly!

Labelling machine Blitz T Price label Blitz T007 Price label Blitz T007 with imprint Price label Blitz T001 Price label Blitz T001 with imprint Price label Blitz MT007 Price label Blitz MT007 with imprint

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