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Meto price gun

Meto price gun

Meto Checkpoint price gun – Label gun – Labeling machine

Price guns of the brand Meto checkpoint are best known for high quality labelling. These guns are best sold worldwide as they are designed with customers needs in mind. A large number of different models are available to meet your requirements best.


Price guns Meto checkpoint are used for almost any applications in price labelling but they are also often used to print expiry dates and similar prints.


Price gun Meto Checkpoint – Our range:

Price gun Meto Eagle 622 Label size:

22×12 mm

Price gun Meto Eagle 626 Label size:

26×12 mm

Price gun Meto Eagle 1426 Label size:

26×16 mm

Price gun Meto Eagle 1832 Label size:

32×19 mm

  • Meto 1832 FD
  • Meto 1832 SD
  • Meto 2132 FD
  • Meto 2132 SD
  • Meto 2132 GP FD
  • Meto 2132 GP SD
  • Meto 2332 FD
  • Meto 2332 SD
  • Meto 2332 FD DT
  • Metl 2332 SD Industrie
Price gun Meto Eagle 3329


Label size:

29×28 mm


Price guns and labelers – Applications

Our handheld labelers are used primarily for the following purposes:
  • Price labeling of merchandise
  • Provide merchandise and articles with additional information and coding (weight, size, …)
  • Imprint of expiry date, production date, …
  • Combined imprint of size, dimension and price in fashion shops and clothes shops
  • Imprint of production load, …


These applications are used in most areas of retail, trade and commerce. Typical shops are:
  • clothes shop and fashion shop
  • body shop,
  • butcher´s shop, bakery, grocery, grocer´s shop, tea shop
  • food retailer
  • chemist´s shops
  • electric shops, music shops, electrical supply stores
  • entertainment electronic stores and consumer electronics
  • flower shops, pet shops
  • furniture shops
  • bookshops
  • gift shops, picture shops
  • retail shops of any kind


Price guns and labelers – Advantages

  • Very robust plastic body – sturdy construction
  • Easy to use band selector
  • Lightweight
  • Label roll in protective cover
  • Easy to load – Drop-in loading – labels can be changed within seconds
  • High labeling speed
  • complete assortment for the most different label dimensions
  • High flexibility due to the large range
  • Pricing and date marking with one single printer possible
  • Special rubber bands for special markings (g, kg, pcs., m, X, L, M, S)
  • Spare parts available
  • Most printers off-the-shelf available



Catalog download:


Catalog price gun – labeling machine


Price: For prices to our price guns, please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.


Price gun Meto Eagle 622 Price gun Meto Eagle 1426 Price gun Meto Eagle 3329
Labels for price guns


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