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Bostitch Carton Stapler - Top Stapler

Bostitch Carton Stapler


Top Stapler – Carton Stapler

Manual, air and battery operated carton closer from Stanley Bostitch as top stapler for closing cartons and boxes easily and safely.


The top stapler is the most common type of carton closing staplers and is also commonly known as a carton closer. Explicitly designed for fastening and securing the lids of cartons. It works as follows: The top stapler drives the staple through the corrugated material layers and clinches the legs under the carton lids to create a secure and robust closed box. Moreover, our top staplers give you the freedom to change the penetration depth of the staple, meaning that you can adjust it to fit your carton. The closing method gives you a quick, environmental, cost-effective, and the most secure way to close your packaging.


Our product range carries all models from Stanley Bostitch offering a large selection of carton closing staplers. Depending on your volume, there are severel different types of top staplers.


Carton closing stapler – Our products

Carton Stapler Bostitch MS-3519-E Carton Stapler Bostitch MS-3522-E Carton Stapler Bostitch MS-3219-E
Bostitch MS-3519-E Bostitch MS-3522-E Bostitch MS-3219-E
Battery carton stapler Bostitch DSA-3519-E Battery carton stapler Bostitch DSA-3522-E
Bostitch DSA-3519-E Bostitch DSA-3519-E
Bostitch DS-3519-E Bostitch DS-3522-E Bostitch DS-3219-E
Bostitch DS-3519-E Bostitch DS-3522-E Bostitch DS-3219-E
Bostitch RAB-19-E Bostitch RAB-22-E   
Bostitch RAB-19 Bostitch RAB-22  


Carton stapler – Applications

Our staples are suitable for the most different closing applicaitons. For many years we are glad to supply customers in the following industries:

  • Carton closing
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Cardboard box
  • Mailing tube
  • Wine cartons
  • Corrugated carton boxes



Price: for your inquiry concerning prices to this article, please use our contact form or send us an email to Our sales team will advise you gladly.



Carton Stapler Bostitch MS-3519-E Bostitch DS-3519-E Battery carton stapler Bostitch DSA-3522-E Bostitch RAB-22-E
Bostitch Carton Stapler
Carton staples for carton closing stapler Carton Staple Bostitch AR


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