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Textile stapling pliers

Stapling pliers for textiles – Textile stapling pliers

Primary objective when using a textile stapling plier is to cause as less harm to the fabric fibres as possible. Therefore, textile stapling pliers always use thin-wire staples.
There are many applications for textile fastening pliers, the most important are:
         fastening textiles, cloth and fibres
         fastening labels to textiles and fibres
Four different pliers are in our range to meet your requirements for this special application:
         Stapler K1 textiles
         Stapling plier “Stapleper 702”
         Stapling plier 33
         Stapling plier 33 / L of air pressure
Please find more information about our textile staplers by clicking the single pliers.
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Catalog download:
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Stapling plier K1tx - K1 Textile Stapling plier "Clipper" Stapling plier 33 Pneumatic stapling plier 33

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