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Textile plier Clipper 702

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Stapling plier Clipper 702

Our stapling plier Stapleper 702 is a multifunctional fasting tool for various applications. Using thin-wire staples, the Stapleper 702 is very suitable for fastening labels on textiles, clothes and fibres, but also for dry cleaner´s and laundries. Due to its favourable price, the Stapleper 702 is also very popular in hypermarkets and supermarkets.
This fastener is made out of metal and alows economic and ration handling due to its handy construction. The staples 702 are special galvanized and rustproof staples.
Staples: 700 Stapleper
Wire strength: 0.45 x 0.5 mm
Crown widht: 12.8 mm
Length: 6.3 mm
Throat depth:
Free gap – base width: 10 mm
Weight: 350 g
Applications & material:
         Natural fibers
         Fabric fibers
         Paper bags
         Easy packaging applications
The stapling plier 702 uses our our fine-wire staples Clipper 702. This staple is only available in one size (6.3 mm) but in two qualities (galvanised and high-grade steel).
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Stapling plier Clipper 702 Stapling plier Clipper 702 Stapling plier Clipper 702 Stapling plier Clipper 702

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