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Carton staples

Carton staples for carton closing stapler


Carton staples

Wide crown carton staple with 32 or 35 mm crown width for closing cartons. Available in strips or as roll staple


Carton staples or staples for top staplers are special staples with a crown width of 32 or 35 mm. The main purpose is to close carton lids, especially filled cartons or corrrugated board. These wide corwn box staples are available in 3 different leg lengths reaching from 15 mm to 21 mm.
Our staples are compatible with international staples like Duofast, Salco, Beck, BeA, Stanley Bostitch and Kihlberg, just to name the most nameful manufacturers.


Our products

Staple Type 32 - Dimensions Staple Type 35 - Dimensions Carton staple Bostitch AR - Dimensions
Staple Type 32 Staple Type 35 Staple Type Bostitch AR
Staple Type Bostitch SW7437 - Dimensions Staple Type Bostitch SW9040 - Dimensions Staple Bostitch SWC9060 - Dimensions
Staple Type Bostitch  SWC 7437 Staple Type Bostitch SW9040 Staple Type Bostitch SW9060
Staple Type 110 - Dimensions Staple Type Bostitch SB5019 - Dimensions Staple Type Bostitch SB103020 - Dimensions
Staple Type Bostitch 110 Staple Type Bostitch SB5019 Staple Type Bostitch SB103020
Staple Type 88 - Dimensions    
Staple Type 88  


Carton staples – Applications

Our staples are suitable for the most different closing applicaitons. For many years we are glad to supply customers in the following industries:

  • Carton closing
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Cardboard box
  • Mailing tube
  • Wine cartons
  • Corrugated carton boxes



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Carton staples for carton closing stapler Carton Staple Bostitch AR


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