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Staples for electric staplers

Staples for electric staplers Rapid

Staples for electric staplers are used primarily in offices and in the administration. The staples correspond widely to the standard office staples.
Therefore, the most popular staples 24/6, 44/6, 66/6 and 26/6 can be used in electric stapling machines.
However, with the series 50xx, Rapid has developed a very new generation of staples. These staples come not in boxes with spare staples but in a whole cartridge. Here, one cartridge contains 5000 staples which are fastend with a very new technology for slime staplings. This leads to a very new quality of stapling.
Basically there are two different kinds of the staples in the area of the electric files. The classical staples No. 66 and No. 44 are pressed with a driver’s feather down and are put down in the anvil.
Staplers for electric staplers – Our range
Our range comprises the following types of staples:
         Staple 44
         Staple 66
         Staple cartridge 5050
         Staple cartridge 5080
You find detailed information about these 4 staple types on our special sides by clicking the single staple above or on top of the page.
Should you have any questions to our staples for electric staplers, please do not hesitate to contact us! Our sales team will be glad to advise you!
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Staples for electric stapler Staples for electric stapler

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