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Electric stapler Rapid 105

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Electric stapler Rapid 105 – Electric stapling machine Rapid 105

Our electric stapler Rapid 105E is a fast, versatile and almost silent electric stapler for various applications in business and industry. It is very powerful and due the the quality controlled manufacturing, extremely reliable.
Its slim design enables it to be installed in a variety of configurations for extra versatility. This thin construction allows you to staple small, slim packs automatically or ped-operated. Two and more stapling units can be mounted inline (serial) for time-saving stapling. In this case, the stapling units are connected with a opto cable for simultanious and most cost effective stapling. A lot of additional accessories is available to ease the working process. Espeically for packaging applications in the industry, this stapler is the choice of the professional user.
The stapling depth is adjustable up to a maximum of 100 mm. The impact force is also adjustable to your requirements. The front loading mechanism is fast and convenient. The head guard assures safe and reliable stapling.
         Varied applications – two or more stapler can be ligalvaniseded
         Flexible – slim and compact design
         User-friendly – low noise level, special stapling technology
         Adjustable stapling depth
         Adjustable impact force
         Quality – reliable operation, precise stapling
         Safe – Head guard to protect the user
         A lot of accessories and extra options
         Fast and convenient front loading mechanism
         Double trigger sensors, individually adjustable
Technical details:

Stapling capacity:
Up to 50 sheets
Magazine capacity:
Stapling depth:
Up to 100 mm – adjustable
250x100x240 mm (with base)
250x60x225 mm (without base)
Power supply:
Extra option:
See below
Extra option – accessories:
         Pedal for industrial applications
         Opto cable (40 or 70 cm) for simultaneous stapling
         Bench clamb to firmly fix the stapler to work table
         Industrial multi base for mounting up to 4 staplers
         Stapling head exchangeable easily
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