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Cancelling machine Perfoset II/LA

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Cancelling machine – cancelling press – punch press Perfoset II/LA

Our validation machine Perfoset II/LA is a very versatile cancelling machine. This machine comes with one exchangeable symbol, the symbol itself is on a punching die unit which can be exchanged easily and fast one against each other. The standard diameter of the punch is 8 mm. This cancelling machine has a capacity of 100 sheets of paper which corresponds to a paper stack of approx. 10 mm.
Due to the punching die unit, the maximum insertion depth is reduced to a maximum of 50 mm, a rear gauge is also not available as the punching die is one integral part. However, a side gauge is still available to facilitate the position of the validation.
For exact and precise positioning, this machine includes two variable gauges. This facilitates the positioning of paper stacks with more than 100 sheets of paper.
To avoid unauthorized use, this machines can also be supplied with an extra safety lock.
Our cancelling machines are primarily used for cancelling
         forms like tender documents
         identity documents
         savings books
         cheque cards
and are mainly used from
         municipals and government organisations
         banks and insurance companies
         lawyer and tax consultant offices
         companies inviting for tender
         building companies and architects
Technical data:
         Standard hole diameter: 8 mm
         Capacity: 80-100 sheets
         Insertion depth: 50 mm
         Weight: 11.2 kg
         Packaging dimensions: 52 x 33 x 23 cm
Additional options:
         Security lock
         Notching press with a fixed read
         Differing symbol diameters
         Special symbols
         Punch die unit with extra symbol
         Side gauge
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Punching machine Perfoset II/LA Cancelling machine Perfoset II/LA Punching result Perfoset II/LA - Star Punch die for Perfoset II/LA Safety lock for Perfoset II/LA Punch styles for Perfoset II/LA

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