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Electronic article surveillance - 8.2 MHz

Electronic article surveillance – 8.2 MHz

With a radio-frequency article surveillance a transmitter generates a zone, in which not deactivated etiquettes or not removed hard etiquettes (tags) are recognized by the system. The transmitter sends out constantly a RF signal with a certain frequency (RF 8.2 MHz).
If a not deactivated etiquette or a hard etiquette (tag) is brought now into this field, a coil which is placed right inside the tag is charged and sends out a signal which is identified by the receiver and releases therefore the alarm.
EAS systems with RF technology can be delivered in the many different variations. For small shops or shops with a small entrance area (up to 100-120 cm) an inexpensive, but extremely powerful mono antenna is often sufficient. To protect larger distances up to 120-160 cm we recommend 2 antenna systems with an active broadcasting antenna and a receiver antenna as well as a second passive antenna in addition to a mono antenna. With even bigger distances between 180 and 230-250 cm article protection system cover the whole area completely only with 2 antennas. Here both antennas are equipped with a special electronics to covers the big distances well.
For our RF systems, which we deliver and install mainly with 8.2 MHz, we have a big choice on hard etiquettes (tags), detachers and other security accessories in our assortment. You find the complete range right here on our web page. 
Electronic article surveillance systems RF 8.2 MHz – Advantages
Article protection based on 8.2 MHz of technology has the following advantages compared with other systems:
         Modulating frequency permits application of security labels with RF 8.2 MHz
         Big choice in accessories and protection etiquettes (tags)
         Big variety of antenna combinations
         Mature, proven and widespread technology of merchandise protection
         Favorable price
         Easy installation
         For small boutiques as well as for big department stores suitable
         Excellent quality of detection
Electronic article surveillance systems RF 8.2 MHz – Our range
The following systems can be delivered on RF 8.2 MHz base:
         Article surveillance Mono82 – for entrance areas to 120 cm
         Article surveillance DuoAP 82 – for entrance areas 120 – 180 cm
         Article surveillance DuoAA 82 – for entrance areas 160 – 240 cm
         Article surveillance Dual Easydet 82 – for entrance areas 120 – 210 cm
         Article surveillance Dual Superdet 82 – for entrance areas 150 – 250 cm
         Article surveillance Dual 82 XL – for entrance areas 320 – 460 cm
         Article surveillance Dual 4A – for entrance areas 480 – 720 cm
The information of the entrance areas is focused on the distance between the antennas, in addition, the antennas still secure areas on the left and on the right side of the antenna, you find precise information in the detailed sides of the single arrangements.
Electronic article surveillance systems RF 8.2 MHz – Installation
The following factors should be taken into consideration before the installation of RF systems:
         Metallic doors: Antennas should be put approx. 0.5 – 1.0 meters away from the entrance area.
         Electric cables above the article protection disturb the antenna sometimes
         Other RF systems cuse interference and disturb the systeme. Here the frequency must be adjusted during installation.
         Strong electric systems (cash registers, …) in the immediate surrounding area of the article protection should be avoided
         Mono antennas protect in both directions, hence, a bigger area must remain on both sides of the antenna without security tags.
Electronic article surveillance systems RF 8.2 MHz – Our antennas
For the article surveillance on RF 8.2 MHz base there are in total 4 different kinds of antennas which differ regarding their functions and tasks. You find information about our 4 different types of antennas on the following side of information.
         Article protection with active antenna
         Article protection with passive antenna
         Article protection with dual system Easydet
         Article protection with dual system Superdet
According to the kind of the antenna there are different designs and constructions. You find pictures and dimensions also on this side.

EAS article surveillance - our antennas EAS article surveillance - sample shop Security hard tag T001 RF Security hard tag T005 RF Security hard tag T002 RF for blister packaging Security hard tag B001 RF for bottles Security hard tag T040 RF - for sun glasses Soft security label S001 RF Security label ET044 4x4 cm RF Lanyard for hard tags L002 Security pin for hard tags P001 Detacher for hard tags M100 Detektionsbereich - Monoantenne Detektionsbereich - Warensicherung DuoAP82 Detektionsbereich - Warensicherung Duo AA82 Detektionsbereich - Warensicherung Superdet 82 Detektionsbereich - Warensicherung PAP82 Detektionsbereich - Warensicherung Duo4A

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