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Staple SQ

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Staple SQ – Staples SQ

Our staple SQ is a heavy staple and is used mainly in the packaging industry as well as in the wood working industry. This staple is also known as Prebena SQ, BeA 180 and Senco SQ
Dimensions staple SQ:
Crown width: 11.3 mm
Inner width: 7.8 mm
Wire strength: 1.70 mm
Wire width: 1.90 mm
Leg lengths:
50 – 60 – 63 mm
Packaging unit:
Pcs./ Box
kg / Box
Box / Ktn
Staple SQ/50 Cnk hz
Staple SQ/60 Cnk hz
Staple SQ/63 Cnk hz
Material – Staple SQ:
  • Iron galvanized with resin layer
  • Stainless steel (on demand)
Article numbers –  Staple SQ:
  • E SQ0050 – Staple SQ/50
  • E SQ0060 – Staple SQ/60
  • E SQ0063 – Staple SQ/63
FASCO-Fastener for Staple Nr. SQ
  • Pneumatic stapler FASCO F45C SSQ-55
Pneumatic stapler other brands
  • Senco SQS55XP, SQKG65, Tjep PQZ-64
  • Prebena 5C-Q67
  • DuoFast SW1748
  • BeA 180/65-835, 180/80-195
  • ACE-TSN-50, ACE-TSN-46
Same staple – different name
  • Staples Atro 18NC
  • Staples BeA 180
  • Staples Prebena Q
  • Staples Senco Q
  • Staples Fasco SQ
  • Staples DuoFast 1500
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Staple SQ Staple SQ - Dimensions

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