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Stapling plier Rapid Classic 1 - K1

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Stapling plier Classic 1


The stapling plier K1 or Classic 1 is most sold plier worldwide and the florist´s favourite plier. It is a very popular choice for the most room, shops, store, home and office stapling purposes. Our stapling plier Classic 1 has a chromed surface and staples up to 50 sheets. You can use either our staples 24 (most popular for office purposes) or the staple 26. The throat depth is suitable for all light packaging work in all areas of the industry and the trade and are also used for thicker paper in the office. Nickel allergies are excluded by the chromium-plated surface.

Throat depth: 55 mms
Free gap – base width: 10 mms
Weight: 360 gs
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Catalog download:
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Office stapling plier Rapid K1 Office stapling plier Rapid K1 Office stapling plier Rapid K1

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