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Stapling plier Fasco F1B 50-16

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Stapling plier Fasco F1B 50-16 for carton




The pneumatic stapling plier Fasco F1B 50-16C is a pneumatically operated plier for fastening soft materials like cardboard boxes, corrugated fiberboard, carton and similar material up to maximum width of 12 mm easily. Pneumatically operated, this stapling machine is most suitable for large quantities. The stapling machine Fasco F1B 50-16C has a trigger and can be operated with one hand only.
This stapling plier uses our staples 50 which are available in various leg lengths from 6 to 16 mm.
Throat depth: 180 mm
Free gap – base width: 19 mm
Size: 380 x 280 x 80 mm
Applications & material:
–         Closing of cardboards, cardboard boxes
–         Corrutaged fiberboard
–         Carton
–         Paper
The stapling plier Fasco F1B 50-16C uses our staples Nr. 50 which are avilable in 6 different lengths. All staples are supplied in iron galvanized quality.
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Stapling plier Fasco F1B 50-16

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