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Stapling plier Regur 31

Stapling plier Regur 31

This stapling plier is very similar to the plier Rapid 31. You can chose between three different anvils which are easily attached with two screws. A special bag anvil alows you to fasten bags and string bags easily. Other applications are the fastening of small boxes, cardboards, corrugated fiberboard, jiffy bags, etc.
Technical details:
Throat depth: 65 mm
Free gap – base width: 14 mm
Weight: 510 g
Option: various anvils
Applications & material:
         Packaging works of all kinds (blister package, closing of bags)
         Closing of cardboards
         Corrugated cardboard
         Jute bags
This stapling plier uses the standard staple 73. This staple is very popular within the industry, especially for closing soft materials like cardboard and is availabe in various qualities. You will find more information about this staple 73 on its special sub-site. The most frequent variations are:
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